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Wakeboard Camp 2018

Wakeboard Camp 2018

cable-pag-wake-camp-2018 Wakeboard Camp 2018
Camp dates:

– 1. Wakeboard Camp: 03.06. – 09.06.,(6 days accomodation, 7 days riding) , price 235 €/person
– 2. Wakeboard Camp: 09.06. – 16.06., (7 days accomodation, 7 days riding), price 250 €/person
– 3. Wakeboard Camp: 08.09. – 15.09., (7 days accomodation, 7 days riding), price 250 €/person
– 4. Wakeboard Camp: 15.09. – 22.09., (7 days accomodation, 7 days riding), price 250 €/person

The wakeboard camp is  an awesome way to improve your wakeboard skills, meet new friends and have fun.

Sea, wakeboard, sun, fun people and so much more is waiting for you on the island Pag. Unforgettable experience for all wakeboarders and those who want to join the wakeboard “club”. It’s all about progression and fun, improving your riding and having the best relaxed holiday you can imagine.

The Wakeboard Camp offer includes: accommodation in one of the apartments in apartment house in the center of Novalja and an intense wakeboard course.

cable-pag-Jasna-Novalja Wakeboard Camp 2018


– 1. Wakeboard Camp: 235 €/person

– 2.,  3. and 4. Wakeboard Camp: 250 €/person

The price includes:

– 7 day accommodation or 6 days accommodation in 1. Wakeboard Camp in apartments for 4 – 6 persons, categorized: *** in Novalja (single bed apartments available with surcharge of 115 €/person!)

– Weekly ticket for Ski lift Pag- valid in the time of the Wakeboard Camp

– Wakeboard coaching with foto/video analysis

Wakeboard equipment is not included in the price. It’s possible to rent equipment at our Wakeboard shop. Prices

Wakeboard camp will take place with a minimum of 20 participants.

The number of participants is limited, so hurry with your applications.

Rough daily plan:

Rough daily plan:

– “Morning” session at the lift: from 11:00 until 13:00

– Lunch break: from 13:00 until 14:00

– Afternoon session at the lift: from 14:00 until 16:00

–Foto/video session at the lift: from 16:00 until 17:00

– Video analysis, tutorials and theoretical debates about wakeboarding, saving the world and life in general (optional: with some drinks): after 21:00

You can also expect a BBQ evening and a costume wake session, so don’t forget to bring your funniest, goofiest costume you can think of (and you believe you are able to wakeboard in it ?

cable-pag-Team-Aljosa-Kaja Wakeboard Camp 2018

About Novalja and Wake Park Pag

There are only a few places on the Adriatic surrounded by as many beautiful natural beaches as Novalja. Whether you go north or south, you’ll soon reach one of these magnificent beaches, which will provide perfect comfort and relaxation. The beaches are wide, sand and shingle, with clear water and excellent access to the sea, which in turn makes them particularly suitable for families with children. They are located 1-3 km from Novalja, forming a ring around it. All of the beaches can be reached by car and have parking areas.

Novalja is also known internationally as party central because of the infamous party beach, Zrce.

Only one bay from there you will find Wakeboard park Pag. The complex was built in 2006. The length of the cable is 600 m and the average height is 10 m which is a little higher than other skilifts on the Adriatic coast. The complex is on a platform just above the sea, about 20 m away from the coast. Total surface is 600 m2. There is also a shop with sport equipments and clothes and large sunny terrace with wonderful view.

All wakeboard camps are sponsored by Ski lift Pag.

For more information, please write us to: info@cable-pag.com

Join the Wakeboard Camp, and have fun with us!!!